An Unexpected Threesome!

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It’s the weekend after homecoming, and Megan Rain‘s parents are out of town. The school football team have just won a big game, and it’s time for a celebration. Megan’s best friend Katie is worried her boyfriend won’t like her spending time with some of the players, but Megan just wants to have some fun. Megan has the biggest crush on one guy of the football team, Ricky, and she’s hoping that Katie will keep his friend occupied while she tries to get to know Ricky a little better… When Katie feels guilty and doesn’t respond to Isiah’s advances, it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable happens…

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Alix Lynx gets turned on while watching Megan Rain sexting

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Megan Rain is the messy roommate from hell, but Alix Lynx can’t stay angry too long as such a beautiful girl. Megan is always face-timing with her long distance boyfriend, playing with her tight pussy for the camera. Alix has often caught her in the act and has wondered what her tight shaved pussy tastes like. Finally able to work up the courage, Alix makes a proposition that Megan’s sure not to pass up. Enjoy these beautiful petite girls in a steamy lesbian sex scene!

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Clean Your Room

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Irresponsible teen Megan Rain was loafing on the couch while music blared into her ears from her headphones. Her mom was fed up with her lazy ways and demanded she’d clean her room immediately. Meanwhile, Sean thought nobody was home and wanted to take the opportunity to perv out and sniff her pile of dirty panties and other miscellaneous articles of clothing. He heard Megan walking down the hall and coming his way, so he had to think fast and chose to hide under the heaping mound of clothes on her bed. As she started to clean up, she uncovered his raging hard on and was startled to say the least! As much as a surprise as it was, she was more shocked and impressed by his huge cock, so she decided to tidy up his balls by sucking and fucking them dry!

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