Anal With My Crush

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Megan Rain has had the biggest crush on a famous DJ for as long as she can remember. After hearing he’s in LA for a show, she just has to have him. She dresses to kill, finds the perfect spot and puts her plan to work. After leaving with him, she ends up at his place to live out all her ultimate fantasies. Just how far will this particular fantasy take her?

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Anal Gamer

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Beautiful Megan Rain really wants to get fucked, only her boyfriend Jmac is too distracted by his video games. Megan’s so fucking horny that she just wants to get her pretty, dripping wet pussy pounded by her boyfriend’s big dick! But too bad he’s hooked on video games to notice Megan’s skimpy outfit with a G-string thong that shows off her amazing ass! Nothing’s going to stop Megan from having a little fun as she has her way with him even while he’s mashing buttons. But when Megan takes the controller from Jmac, he decides to play with her tight asshole, to Megan’s pleasant surprise, that is! Ms. Rain gets so turned on that she drops the controller and gets the anal sex she’s been craving! Jmac stuffs Megan’s holes and plows her pussy before sticking it deep inside her ass for the anal bliss this gamer girl couldn’t wait for! Looks like Megan just took her sex game to a new hole level!

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Hot For TA, Too

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Megan Rain is getting suspicious about her roommate’s grades picking up, bearing in mind she never stops partying and she didn’t start studying either, she is managing to ace this trimester. When Megan asks her what her secret is, her roommate tells about her affair with their TA, and Megan decides she wants in on the action too. When Megan meets up with him before their next lesson, she gets straight to work ensuring that she gets the same arrangement for the rest of the term, with an added bonus.

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How To Fuck Butt

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When Veronica Avluv comes home early from a date to find her babysitter Megan Rain and her boyfriend Markus experimenting with anal sex, she is shocked. Once over her initial surprise however, Veronica decides to impart some wisdom on the two young lovers, wisdom drawn from Veronica’s secret history as a butt-fuck enthusiast. After some pleasantries, Veronica, Megan, and Markus, indulge in a sordid threeway anal romp!

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Preppy Teen Experience Big Black Cock! Part 2

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Previously, Megan Rain had been tutoring Jason, and it soon turned into so much more. She’s had her first taste of a big black cock, but unfortunately Jason’s coach Flash has found out what extra curricular activity she has been getting up to. When he visits her house to speak with her parents, she begs him not to. There’s only one thing Flash will accept as an alternative… He unleashes his huge black dick, she soon gets to work jerking and gagging on it like the naughty girl she is. She is soon taking another huge black cock to add to her collection, stretching out her pussy like never before! But that’s not all he wants. He wants something more, he wants her ass! When he manages to ease his huge shaft into her, she can hardly believe it fits! Once he has fucked her tight little ass from all angles, he can’t hold it in any longer and spurts his creamy cum over her waiting tongue. Will she get her college place now?

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Bad GF Gets DP on Vacation

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Megan Rain has gone on vacation with her boyfriend. She loves him, but he just doesn’t satisfy her fully anymore. On their last day, he gets pretty drunk and she’s left all alone. She hits the pool and finds two hot guys who she ends up talking to. When they start to touch her, she just can’t stop, and one thing leads to another, ending up with them in the bedroom together. Before she knows it, she’s sucking on both their hard dicks. She gets spit-roasted, taking a cock in either end, before she climbs on top of one of their big dicks deep in her pussy while the other eases into her soft ass. She can hardly believe she is taking both of them at the same time! They both pump in and out of her filling her completely. It makes her so wet as she gets satisfied by both of them together. She screams loudly, hoping her boyfriend won’t hear. When they have totally fucked her, they both cream their loads all over her.

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My Girlfriend Gets Fucked in the Ass by the Neighbor!

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Sweet girlfriend Megan Rain has had a fight with her boyfriend. He’s been speaking to his ex, and she’s not happy. When her sexy neighbour returns, he sees Megan and invites her to his apartment to take her mind of things. He takes advantage of the situation and makes her feel right at ease. When he gets her naked, he only has one thing on his mind… her tight little asshole! She soon gives into his charms and his big dick! He enters one finger then two into her forbidden hole, before he gets his full length into her gorgeous butt. Feeling his huge dick makes her moan loudly before he unloads a huge shot straight over her pretty face!

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